Saturday, August 10, 2013

Monster Chicken

Did I mention I have chickens?  Yes I am the owner of five chickens.  and Yes I caved at Easter and bought my son the adorable baby chicks he has always wanted.   To my surprise our littlest dog also loved the chickens.. really.  He our jack russell mix finally found something smaller than him.  He was very protective of the chickens when they were small.  This little dog did not let anyone near them!  Now that the chickens are grown, Blackie pesters the heck out of them.  He always runs in the chicken coop and chases them around.

But this is not the point of my story.  My cute little chicks have grown to roosters.  Yep I think all of them are roosters.  They don't crow at all.  They sit in their hen house and look at me.  This one rooster is kind of freaking me out.  He stares at me with one eye and lets out a slow, low toned "bwwwwwaaaaack".  It is as if he is trying to say to me " if you don't get me some good food it's curtains for you lady!"  It is very un-nerving!  Therefore I call him my Monster Chicken!